About Us

About Us

About Us

About Us

Nathan Barlow · UI/UX Design & Dev
Sarah Roberts · Accounts & Operations

Full Frontal Design was started in London by freelance creative & designer Nathan Barlow. In 2018, Nathan moved to Bristol, a city whose independent spirit and creative ethos seemed like a natural fit. In 2020, Nathan partnered with Sarah, whose personal approach and organisational know-how helped drive Full Frontal forward with some our largest and most noteworthy projects to-date, despite it being the peak of the pandemic.

“A dynamic duo” (Jack Howard, 2021) we’re all about simple, user-focused solutions, combined with an approach that’s both flexible and adaptable.

Whether it’s working individually with Nathan on small-scale UX improvements, or developing a new business from the ground up, we understand that every project is different. Our skillsets, combined with our network of trusted specialists, allows us to put together the right team for your specific needs. We believe in bespoke, and that design solutions should be as unique as the business they were made for.

Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

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UI/UX design

Website design & development

eCommerce store design & development

Digital platform design & development

Business models & growth strategy

1 / Discovery

Using market research, data analysis and internal interviews, we’ll work with you to identify key goals and opportunities for the business. If available, we’ll look at existing website data, including traffic sources, conversion rates, etc. to understand where the biggest opportunities lie for improving the existing site. By assessing competitors and the wider market, we’ll determine specific best practices and benchmark design styles for your business, ensuring the end result not only stands out but is industry-appropriate and competitive.

2 / UX & Strategy

Next, we’ll define your project’s UX strategy using both the insights gained during discovery and our experience delivering user-centric designs. Starting with ‘why’, we’ll establish key motivations behind the project and how we can use smart design to better connect with your end-users. We advocate simplicity and work hard to remove superfluous elements to deliver focused design solutions that create real business value.

3 / Design

Once we’ve reviewed the UX documentation and strategy together and agreed on a final copy, we’ll get to work on the visual design of your project. This begins with us presenting visual style boards for you to choose from. This is the part we genuinely love; collaborating with you so you can influence the design direction whilst we offer our expertise on best practice along the way. After this is all agreed and signed off, the development begins.

4 / Development

Our development process is open and iterative. Using private testing servers, you’ll be able to view and interact with your site as we’re building it, ensuring you’ll never be lost or out the loop.

5 / Launch & Support

Once your project has been built and tested we’ll give you the grand tour and run through how to manage basic edits (when appropriate). After your final sign off, it’s time to launch.